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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Recently I went to the movies with Milla to see the new Cinderella movie. We both thouroughly loved it and it was just so refreshing to escape to a fairytale world for a couple hours together. It was a really special day. 

I loved the underlying message of the movie in particular the famous quote, 

"Have Courage and be Kind. For where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness there is magic!"

We have certainly seen the kindness in people throughout this awful experience. So much kindness, so much goodness and this has certainly lead to magic!! Things we would never ever have dreamed of or could have imagined. We are fovever appreciative of the kindness of our supporters and followers. We are so overwhelmed with everything people have done for us and we thank you all for showing us the the kind and soft side of life. But please don't get us wrong. We wish with every moment of this, that it wasn't us. We pray everyday for our boy to get better. If we had a choice we'd never ever, EVER chose this and we long for our life before cancer. We hate that it is our child's face in woolies, that it is us you are all rallying behind. We thank you, but we wish it was different.

At this time it is all we can do to get through each day. 

Once this is all over, once we are no longer fighting for our child's life and this battle is done,  we will live the rest of our lives passing on the kindness you have shown us. We I'll continue to fundraise for childhood cancer and we will forever raise awareness and support other families in our terrible situation just as you have done for us. We will work towards research into a cure and in this kindness and goodness we hope to achieve MAGIC! 
So I have altered this quote to show why I have the courage to share Finlay's story... 
I believe it's message is even more powerful now...
'Have Courage and Share. For where there is AWARENESS there is FUNDING and where there is FUNDING there is A CURE!'

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